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The Reason Behind It....

Ever suddenly look up and find yourself surrounded by friends who, you realize belatedly, aren't that fabulous? Who, when you look twice, really aren't there when you need them, and don't help you when you are down, or going insane, but let you reel out of control with the lovely parting gesture "She's being such an emo b****."
That's why I got this journal. I was sick of letting that happen to me, sick of having my every human instinct called into question. Yes, we get sad. Yes, we get pissed off over something that isn't that serious. Yes, we are allowed, upon occasion, to be somewhat stupid. Aren't we? What good is a friend who only mocks you for being yourself? What good is a friend who tells you to stop being yourself??
That's not a friend.
I joined this community because I looked at it and went "Oh, wow- this is perfect" it just looks so cool. I mean- I read some of these entries and remember thinking the exact same thing at some point and time.
I'm a writer, but I've never finished a story. I just move on to something else- I'm constantly hopping from idea to idea. I think it must be the ADD, which the highest dose of medication has never helped, by the way. Doctors can be quacks sometimes.....
But I digress...It's cool to find a community where people aren't so judgemental at first glance.
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