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creativehaven's Journal

>>What Makes Your Heart Sing?<<
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~Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing~

This is a community for anyone who has created something, and wants to share it with the world. Poetry, Pictures, Fiction, Songs....anything. Here, it can be showcased for others to see and comment on. Looking for inspiration? You might find some in these pages...

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Don't know what to post?

Here's a few ideas >>

* A short story
* A picture or painting
* A song
* Fan Fiction

Work doesn't have to be your own, but if you're quoting from another source, PLEASE give that source credit. Claiming another artist's work as your own isn't nice!

A Few Short Rules >>

~Be Nice. Any offensive (eg Racist or Sexist) posts will be removed, I won't tolerate them.
~If you're posting a long piece, or more than one picture, please use lj-cut! Don't know how to use it? Check out the FAQ...
~No mindless spam. Quizzes etc aren't meant for this community.