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look at me, i'm a n00b! ;)

Hey! My name's Sarah and I just joined, so I thought I'd post something to introduce myself. I'm 18-years old, hail from Ontario, Canada and looooooove to create! Mostly I like to write, journals, poetry, short name it! But I'm also into photography, collaging and a little bit of painting. So, on with my creation... it's not my favourite by any means but right now, it suits my here it goes.

I sat there on the floor of my room, canvas on my lap, paintbrush in my hand. I
slapped the paint down again and again. Slap, slap, slap. I watched the paint form, and it
formed faces.
All the time I was thinking of you, about what you'd done. The faces kept coming,
filling up my canvas. I saw the pain in their eyes and I knew what they were hiding.
Soon, somehow, I began to let you slip away. And you became only a speck on the
horizon. The faces began to change, they were letting go too. Hope filled their eyes
and I remembered what it is to be strong.
I looked at all the faces around me, filling up my room. I looked at all the faces I
had painted and I smiled because none of them looked like you.
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