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In a hurry, late for work and...

Looking, I could stare, but no... bright lights are coming now and the wind picks up; walking still, someone screams (someone), eyes closed now, teeth on teeth, hard, all pressing, but walking still walking. I could never stare, it's too much, too real, surreal, with twisted limbs morphing eyes where there never were... bones under my skin could crack... terrible. They come past, sirens on, lights, (someone screams, back there); it's in good hands now, someone's hands. Up ahead there's the store (I can't see it yet) and the whole day -- I could be walking home tonight and die, anything could happen, I could scream; I've never heard me scream, never screamed, maybe I'd die quietly... I'd die quietly yes, grip the sleeve of whoever crouches next to me, eyes intense staring (at her eyes, no his, a man rushes to the front), and I wouldn't speak. Who knows... I make everything a victory (no traffic now, the lanes are blocked, next to me the street is quiet) and I can see the store now, I know I'll arrive, maybe I'll tell everyone what I saw, maybe I'll cry (because I'm the victim, the witness)... the parking lot is empty and I didn't stop once, am not late, am on time; the front door is locked still but the back door is open.
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